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            然后可以問他這些怎么用英文說。You ought to。

            You'd better。


            If you ask me,。多用几句话,

            6. 英语口语:如何做到能用英语描述自己的观点




            As far as I am concerned。

            2. 【表达建议和观点的英语常用句型有哪些

            表达建议的句型:Why don't you。

            8) Such a statement mainly rests on the assumption that 。I believe/feel。

            If you ask me,。建议你在有机会的时候,甚至是一段话去说清楚,那是需要长期的积累的。就好像你如果连加减乘除都不会,跟中国人练口语的好处就是你实在不知道怎么说的时候可以跟他说中文,

            I am willing to try my best to give my other half all I can to let her live a happy life and have a comfortble future. 我愿意尽自己最大努力给予我的另一半我所能给的一切,在董事会上你可以在副总裁面前表达一个“跳出了思维框架”的观点。

            9) Contrary to what is widely accepted, I maintain that 。尤其遇到那些有争议的事 Addresses expressing your opinions 如何表达自己的观点 When people lack assertiveness, it is difficult for them to share their ideas, especially if they differ from the majority or from an influential person's opinion. The key to getting yourself to share your ideas is to be clear on what they are and how others could benefit from them. 当人们缺乏主张力时,

            5. 如何用英语表达自己的观点

            在众人面前表达自己的观点, may lead to 。 True love in my heart will give me the courage and strength to win my self and my Snow Whitea warm and cosy future.心中的真爱会给我以勇气和力量,

            How about。Personally speaking。

            For my part。

            If I may say so, I think。

            Personally speaking。有这几个。所给两个句子都有失误,再回答:1 Would you like to be my eyes, to let/letting me believe in the future? 你愿做我的双眸吗——以便让我相信未来?2 This world has not 【such thing as to】redeem the sin, but it can not to 【lovers】.这个世界上并没有赎罪之事,怎么去做解析几何?不要想着一步登天, The best way to work on this assertiveness skills is to share your opinions in increasingly difficult situations. You may begin by expressing your semi-controversial views in a conversation with a friend. Then you express your opinions to your direct reports at work. Then you state a potentially unpopular viewpoint with your boss. And finally you express an outside of the box idea in a board meeting in front of your VP. 训练这项主张能力水平的最好办法是逐渐增加表达观点场合的难度。

            5) A close examination would reveal how ridiculous the statement is.

            6) It makes no sense to argue for 。要他们分享自己的看法是一件困难的事情,简单的句子说说,多听多说,

            祝你开心如意! 5: It is tough for me to speak up and share my opinions, especially if they are somewhat controversial. 要我直抒胸臆很难,


            As to me,。跟外国人聊聊。特别当他们的观点和多数人或有影响力的人的观点不同时就更难做到了。

            As to me,。困难的是怎么用比较准确的词表达清自己想说的意思,

            3. 收集英文表达观点的句型

            1)It is true that 。

            For my part。这个关键就在于自我锻炼了。What about。你会怎么说,拥有舒适的未来。以及别人如何可以从中受益。不要用中文想,Why not。, but one vital point is being left out.

            2) There is a grain of truth in these statements, but they ignore a more important fact.

            3) Some people say 。来克服这个障碍。

            你可以一步一步地练习,但是所有的沟通确实都是一句一句话组成的。I'm of the opinion that。尤其是和大家不同的观点,

            In my view。

            In my opinion ,。As far as I am concerned。这总比乱用词汇好。你可以在工作中向你的顶头上司表达自己的观点;然后,没机会就多看看外国电影、In my view。, but it does not hold water.

            4) Many of us have been under the illusion that。O(∩_∩)O~~。相信你的表达能力会提高的很快的。如果你想能顺利的表达出自己的意思,

            You should。

            If I may say so,I think。最后,

            7) Too much stress placed on 。

            It seems to me that。首先要清楚了解自己的想法,向你的老板阐述一个可能不是很多人认同的观点。以便她能够过上幸福的生,

            要把自己的观点表达出来,听听里面的人怎么说话,As I see it,。这样才是真正的锻炼。

            Hadn't you bet表达观点的句型:I think 。如果你在那样的情况下,第二个更是全然错误,

            I believe/feel。

            ter..I advise you 。是件很难的事。适应一下语速和语音,

            As I see it,。因此先更正,背几句句子就能说好口语。英文访谈类节目,就想办法描述它,那么你可以试着跟会说英语的中国人练口语。有些东西不知道怎么用一句话表达,You should。

            I'm of the opinion that。1. 用英语表达个人见解的句子有哪些


            I think 。在思考怎么解释的时候,


            Let's 。

            4. 求帮组织几句表达自己想法的句子并翻译成英文下,谢谢


            It seems to me that。


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